My name is Aaron Day. I have been collecting vintage fishing tackle for a number of years and my passion is Hardy, Ari Hart reels and British lures. During my travels, I have come across many unusual vintage fishing-related items, and made friends all over the world; as far as Canada, USA and Europe. When I can, I take “time out” to salmon and trout fish with them.

However, my best ever catch is my wife Michelle, son Daniel (26) and my two daughters Ellie (21) and Trinity (7). Trinity was my latest catch, on the 29th December 2008 in a small pool in Northampton and after an hour and half’s battle I finally landed her! Trinity was our surprise baby, as we thought our “baby days” were well and truly over!

What you can expect from me

I always provide a complete description of my items, noting filed feet, cracked agates, line burns, grooves and corrosion. I never hide behind my pictures saying “you could see that the foot had been shortened, that’s why I never mentioned it” and I never take pictures that hide or cover imperfections. I never sell polished reels or reels that have had the lead removed as “spitfires or duralium” and I never sell items “hoping the buyer wont notice something!” Anyone who has purchased from eBay knows what it’s like to take a risk; how many items have you bought that just don’t match the description? And how many times have you wished you had looked closer at the out-of-focus pictures? If you have a question, I am always happy to discuss details on the phone or send additional pictures.

If you want to start buying fishing tackle that will live up to your expectations then I believe my website will offer you just that. I use words such as rare, scarce and collector’s dream because that is what I believe they are. I only collect quality tackle and would not sell anything less. I make a commitment to each and every one of my customers and strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Aaron Day