Best wishes from Germany – Bernd

Dear Aaron,thank you very much for your words; you are absolutly correct: We should keep on holding up social interaction! In the past time, I bought some very nice vintage flyfishing – and carptackle from you. I dream about the times I had together a long time ago with my dad fishing for trout and grayling in our home river, when I look at this older tackle. What a great time we had both at the river banks! He passed away 12 years ago, but when I fish this tackle, he is still with me at the river. Now we have a very strong time here in germany, fighting against this virus. But I believe in all of us, that we will win. In every country all over the world! And then -I imagine a early, quiet summer morning when I cast again a small dry fly to an smoothly rising brown with that nice, old tackle- my dad will again be with me. Or a warm evening, waiting in the reed with my Hardy Richard Walker Carp II for a big mirror carp or one of the really big barbels. No more bad news about Corona Virus, just silence in the sundown. Thank’s a lot for your great service!For all of you out there: Tight Lines and keep on rocking! We will have good times at the water!

~ Best wishes from Germany,Bernd
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