Hardy 1912 finger check twin ring 3 1/2” salmon perfect.

I have had this reel in my collection for a number of years, it only comes out for fresh air on high days, holidays or when a collecting buddy comes over and we start a discussion on the real purpose for the reel. So, whenever I take this reel out, it is always guaranteed to start a lively debate!

Why is there two revolving line guides both stamped Hardy and both appear to be factory fitted?
My immediate response was that it is a ‘ghillie’s’ reel, so in the event of having a client that was unable to cast left handed and wind right handed, he would reverse the reel; ‘hey presto’, it’s now left handed.

The arguments against this (from friends) is that in 1912 there would have been no compromise or choice whether someone could fish right or left handed.

Another theory is that it was an example of a 1912 perfect in a tackle shop to show potential clients the options available to them. I personally don’t buy into this due to the lack of left hand wind reels produced in the first 20 or so years of Hardy brothers reel productions.
Someone has even proposed that it is a prototype. My initial opinion is ‘nonsense’ but what do you think?

So, if you have a twin ring salmon Perfect or similar please send me the pictures so that I can add them to our blog, alternatively post your comments or theories.


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