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Shimano Aero Technium MgS (Magnesium) 12000XTB

Widely considered at the ultimate carp fishing reel, the Shimano Aero Technium MGS XTB represents the pinnacle of Shimano reel technology at play. A distance casting machine, this reel is littered with technologies that help it perform to its maximum ability time after time.

The first technology that Shimano knew it had to include in the design of this distance casting reel was its patented ARC spool lip. This is a unique spool design which ensures that line leaving the spool experiences minimal friction. This, in turn, ensures that the line can peel off the spool fasting and in smaller coils than it could from a standard spool. With an ARC spool on your reel, you’re able to achieve longer and more accurate casts each time – an essential feature for the distance casting carp angler who wants to be unrestricted in terms of the areas they can target. Super slow oscillation combined with Aero Wrap II ensures that that spool forms almost parallel wraps of line, giving you outstanding line lay. This ensures that any loss of energy which could occur in the cast is reduced to an absolute minimum – allowing you to cast further than you’ve ever been able to before. 

Once you’ve hooked your target carp, Baitrunner II allows you to switch between free spool and fighting mode quickly and easily. Baitrunner must surely be one of the most revolutionary pieces of reel technology to have hit the market in the last half century and it has changed the way many carp anglers think about fishing – the is the second iteration of the Baitrunner which operates on a front drag knob rather than a rear drag clip. The drag on the Shimano Aero Technium MGS XTB is outstanding – silky smooth and fast performing, it works flawlessly with the Baitrunner technology in order to ensure that you’re able to switch between full drag and free spool with incredible speed.

The gearing at work in the reel is outstanding and you’ll be amazed by its Cold forged X Ship gearing gives you unbelievable cranking power, allowing you to easily play large double figure carp. Hypergear ensures that it is the reel doing the hard work, not you, and it works to transfer maximum power to the rotor from the handle. This enables you to tackle the largest fish that the UK and the continent have to offer with complete confidence and you never need to worry that a fish is going to be too powerful for this reel. In order to ensure that this reel performs to the top of its ability throughout its service, nine shielded anti-rust ball bearings are at play in the internal reel mechanism. This not only gives you super smooth operating power but also extends the life of the reel thanks to its frictionless movement. Floating Shaft II is another element of the reel that works to reduce friction to a minimum and it sits between the shaft and the pinion to create a ‘floating’ effect between the two.


Finally, the Shimano Aero Technium MGS XTB is constructed from magnesium, which is 10% lighter in weight than aluminium. This means that this reel is feather light, allowing all of its power to be converted to the cast and ensuring that it sits on your carp rod perfectly. Finished in a stunning matt black, this reel looks every bit as sleek and classy as it feels. This truly is a premier reel for the fanatical carp anglers out there who demand the very best from their equipment time after time and if you’re looking for a top end reel then you cannot go wrong with the Shimano Aero Technium MGS XTB.