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In very good condition for its age with some minor wear to the paint here and there, as expected for it’s age. It is in full working order and complete with original full length, unfiled smooth foot. The foot is stamped with 741100.


These reels evolved from the Swiss Record Reel, patented by Karl Seigrist in 1945, which incorporated a rear drag and anti-reverse. The Swiss Record was groundbreaking in rear drag design and the fore-bearer of many spinning reels seen today.

A. B. Urfabriken Co. (later shortened to ABU) had been manufacturing bait casting reels since the 1940s but Gote Borgstrom (the A. B. Urfabriken president) had very little interest in spinning reels or manufacturing them.

In 1949, Borgstrom was contacted by the Record Reel Co. to start selling their Swiss Record spinning reels in Sweden. From 1950 onwards, A. B. Urfabriken Co. purchased parts from the Swiss Record Reel Co. and assembled them in their factory in Svangsta, Sweden. The first model, the ABU Record 500, was a half bail arm with a perforated Bakelite spool in 1950. In 1952, the updated ABU Record 600 began production. Still with the half bail arm but with a perforated plain aluminum spool and a few more small changes. The ABU Record 700 then came out in 1954, it had the plain perforated aluminum spool but now, as a result of the Hardy patent expiration, had a full bail arm. The parts were now being manufactured as well as assembled at the Svangsta factory in Sweden.