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In very good condition as it has only been lightly used and very well looked after, complete with Fuji stand-off rings throughout, oxblood silk whippings, hook keep, 27″ detachable cork handle and presented in its original B & W rod bag. The previous owner’s name is neatly written on the rod, but could easily be removed.

Hexagraph rods are now highly acclaimed all over the world. With the advent of the Hexagraph construction, it was obvious to most anglers that Bruce & Walker had pioneered a rod making concept which combined the best of tried and tested construction principles, with modern materials.

The original thinking with Hexagraph was to make rods which eliminated all the in-built shortcomings of tubular rods. Most prominent among these faults is for the tube to go into oval shape when put under stress or load, and for it then to lose considerable strength. Another problem manifests itself in the manufacturing process when the matrix of carbon is wound on to a mandrel. This leaves a ‘spine’ or portion of carbon which overlaps another. Due to the taper of the rod, this ‘spine’ never runs true and it is the cause of inaccurate casting.

All the above shortcomings are in-built in all tubular rods and may only be reduced by such concepts as our Expert range where wall thicknesses are increased and overall diameters reduced. Then, by using the very latest and highest quality carbon it is possible to produce rods which are lighter, length for length, than tubular rods have ever been before.

On a power to weight ratio, and length for length, Hexagraph has eclipsed the performance of any other production rod today.   They are highly labour intensive, just like the old split cane rods of yesteryear.  Each single Hexagraph rod takes a staggering 400 hours of labour to create, from start to finish.