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In very good condition and complete with its original alloy tube.

“In my opinion this series are easily Powell’s finest work in graphite rods and generally speaking the Light Touch rods are among the most enjoyable to fish graphite rods ever built.

In 1987 Press Powell introduced this series of two piece rods on lovely dark green blanks.  These were, for a time, Powell’s top of the line rod series and their most expensive for a few years.  Built on moderately fast IM6 blanks with Powell tapers rolled in Gary Loomis’ facility in Washington state they were (and still are) the Chico era Powell’s most popular graphite rod series.  Standard configuration was a dark green blank wrapped in green tipped on either gray or gold – depending on the reel seat.  Gold wraps for the anodized gold color seats and gray wraps for rods with the anodized silver seats.  They came with wood spacer reel seats as standard as well.  They were sold in the black with brass hardware powder coated aluminium rod cases.For the first few years of production the Light Touch rods were only offered in two piece models.  Then in about 1990 Powell began offering these rods in four piece “Travel Rod” models.  From 1990 through 1993 these four piece blanks were not the dark green of the two piece rods but were built on an essentially uncolored gray blank.  Usually built with a black anodized with wood insert seat and wrapped in burgundy or burgundy tipped with black, these 4 piece rods were considered more utilitarian ‘pack’ rods and as such were not given the same cosmetic treatment as their lovely

green two piece counter parts.  They were still lovely fishing tools.  All these rods were labeled simply as “TR” rods with a number indicating length and then a dash (-) followed by a letter designating line weight.  Depending on the length of the rod, the dash/letter designator meant different things.  On a 9 foot rod a -M, medium weight, meant a 7-8wt rod.  On an 8 foot rod a -M meant a 5-6wt rod.  A somewhat confusing system, but these rods usually also had the line wt specs written out on them as well.Another charming aspect of these early Light Touch rods was that all the two piece models had names based on the length/wt combination.

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