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In very good condition as I doubt it has been used more than once and complete with original rod sleeve.

Drennan S7 13ft Silverfish Float Rod,

The Series 7 13ft Silverfish Float is a light-action float rod, which breaks down like a 12ft two-piece rod, into two equal-length sections of 6ft 1.5in (1.84m) and a separate 1ft (30cm) handle.

This revolutionary design is wonderfully convenient and avoids all the problems and tangles associated with three-piece made up rods. The reduction in the number of ferrules in front of the hand, also noticeably improves the balance and action of the blank itself.

The rod is ideal for still or running water, and the blank has a semi-through action with a super soft tip perfect for roach and skimmers, yet has reserves of power should that bonus fish be hooked.

Lightweight and well balanced, the 13ft Silverfish Float is comfortable to hold and use all day. The blanks fast ye forgiving action improves line pick up and striking when trotting at long distances, yet remains soft enough to prevent hook pulls and breakages when using light lines and delicate hook links.

Ideal reel lines from 2lb to 4lb (0.12mm to 0.18mm) and lighter hook lengths from alb to 3.5lb (0.08mm to 0.14mm). This makes it the perfect tool for all float work for small to medium-sized fish, whether running a stick float through a fast river glide for dace, roach and chub or fishing a small waggler for stillwater roach, perch and skimmers.

The rod comes with its own specially designed sleeve, with a pocket inside it to store the short handle section when it is removed.

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