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In very good condition with a few signs of wear and tear from normal use and complete with original rod sleeve.

The action blank on this Drennan Series 7 Tench and Specimen Float 13FT Rod has been improved since previous models and now features a semi-through action, with a fast tip and exceptional reserves of power. This will offer you powerful action and allow you to reel in aggressive and heavy fish without any problems at all. Despite its huge power, it will still feel balanced in your hand, making it a perfect combination of comfort and high strength so you can have a brilliant angling session taking advantage of the two sides of this rod and get the biggest catch onto the bank without any pain.

Carrying a powerful rod down to the bank is possibly one of the biggest hindrances in an angler’s life, so Drennan has combated this with the excellently convenient design of this tench and specimen float rod. It breaks down into two sections of equal length at 6ft 1.5in with a separate lower handle section at 12in. Now, you can transport a 13ft rod just as easily as a 12ft rod, without having to compromise the power which can be lost on a smaller model. The efficiency of this two-piece rod also avoids all the problems and issues associated with three-piece made-up rods. It has a unique and patented system where you remove the bottom foot of the rod handle and store this piece inside a specifically designed pocket inside the supplied padded ready rod sleeve; storing a rod for transit has never been easier and you do not have to sacrifice any other of its fantastic features for it.

This superb rod is the perfect tool for trotting maggots in the winter for chub and yet is also a great piece of gear for aggressive tench and bream in the summer. The versatility of this rod is simply magnificent and allows you to make the absolute most of its huge power no matter the weather or the conditions of the water. Even the most fearsome fish will not be able to escape your rod when you cast this superior piece of gear. You can reel in the fish of your dreams and you won’t break a sweat bringing it down to the bank.

A rod would not be complete without SiC guides, and this rod comes fully equipped with them. Your line will be perfectly well protected from any damage, allowing you to fish with confidence that your line won’t break due to unnecessary friction. This Drennan Series 7 Tench and Specimen Float 13FT Rod reduces the number of ferrules in the front of the hand, making it even more long-lasting and durable. It is ideal for reel lines between 3lb and 7lb and hook lengths between 2.5lb and 6lb and will be a wonderful addition to your gear that you can use year-round to reel in the big ones.

In good condition with signs of use and complete with original rod sleeve.