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In mint condition as it has never been used. It spins beautifully with NO rubbing or wobble original full-length un-filed foot, twin waisted ebonite handles, rim mounted on/off check lever.

J.W. Young Centrepin Reels are arguably the highest quality reels still manufactured in the UK today. Experienced anglers looking for a reel with a centre pin design know they are assured reliability and durability when choosing a J.W. Young Centrepin Reel.

J.W. Young CentrePin Reels are considered an investment not only for your fishing today but for the future. All J W young reels are extremely well engineered by expert craftsmen in the UK and are made using only the highest quality materials and components.

J.W. Young Reels offer several designs for anglers who demand high quality, traditional design and outstanding performance. Some of the most popular J.W. Young Centrepin Reels include the John Wilson Heritage Reel, the Purist II Reel and the Ray Walton Rolling Pin Reel.

The Ray Walton Rolling Pin Reel is a unique side-casting reel, made famous by one of the most influential Barbel anglers of all time, Ray Walton. The “Rolling Pin” was the brainchild of the legendary Ray Walton who shot to fame when he caught many double figure Barbel from places other anglers seemed to struggle! The reason for this success was Rays Approach when most baited and waited Ray would take the bait to the fish!

Ray’s Style saw him roll Meat baits through swims most would overlook, searching all the river each time he went fishing meant more fish on the bank and continued action in each new area he fished. The rivers where Ray fished were fast and clear rivers and suited this style of fishing where bites could be gentle plucks to arm wrenching takes. The Unique design of the reel would allow Ray to cast baits a long way with the finesse and ease of a fixed spool reel, but with the option to control the bait with the same degree of finesse a float angler could with a trotted float.

The Rolling Pin Reels have a simple mechanism built into the back plate that allows the spool to be rotated 90 degrees to allow the angler to casts as they would with a fixed spool reel. The Reels are an excellent choice for Barbel anglers looking to fish moving or static baits. All J W young reels are made and built in the UK and come supplied in a presentation box with a reel pouch and certificate of authenticity.


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