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In very good condition as it has only been lightly used and very well looked after and complete with its original EB cloth rod bag for the handle.

Ash Framed Landing Net – Deluxe Frame 17″ x 21″

Ash framed landing nets are made from seasoned ash which I cut only using straight grained strips.

The edges are rounded and smoothed and a channel is then cut through the centre. The mesh is knotless and has fifty loops and has a drop of 25″. Once the channel in the frame has been cut, it is then drilled at equal spaces, fifty holes in all, this then allows the fifty loops to be pulled through the pre-drilled holes, one at a time.  Before the net can be secured, the ash frame will go through a series of procedures.

Firstly the ash strip will be steam treated to soften the natural resins, this makes the ash strip pliable enough to bend confidently. It is then placed and secured on a former, which is made to the shape that the ash frame needs to be. This is left to dry out and cure and may take several weeks. Once the drying out period is over, the ash frame can be removed from the former and will remain in the desired shape. It is then placed in an impregnation tank to seal and protect the timber from the elements.

Landing Net Handles 5’6″ (one piece)

These are made from good quality bamboo which is heat treated and straightened.  They come in a variety of finishes and lengths, the most popular being 5ft 6ins and pattern flame-toned.  The End Cap is turned brass and the brass threaded head for the net is a standard 3/8 BSF.

The bamboo handle can be either plain bamboo or pattern flame-toned and finished in a gloss varnish and inscribed in neat Indian ink.

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