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In very good condition as it has only been lightly used on a few occasions and very well looked after and stored correctly.The Steel Masters: The Steel Masters are medium duty rods suitable for all game fish to 20 lb

R.B. Meiser Fly Rods is located in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon. They have been building and designing two-handed fly rods since 1986. They have a very small shop now made up of 4 crafts-people., who build single and two-handed fly rods and build them all one at a time.

They generally build 400 to 450 rods a year, and all are custom built to client requests. they use only their own in-shop designed blanks for the rods and can do specifically designed tapers to meet exact individual angler needs.

Although their rod building production is very small, they are proud of their involvement and influence within the worlds’ two-handed fly rod community.

Both the Switch Rod and Grain Window concepts were originated in their shop. Both have now become generic terms within the two-handed community.

They all fish, and they understand the tools of our sport extremely well, as they design them all ourselves. Their anglers have always found their shop to be a reliable source of accurate information concerning two-handed rods.



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