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Alex Kaplun made “GAIA” 4/5 fly reel, marketed by the Swedish company, Imago. Fully made in Europe. The reel is in very good condition as it has only been lightly used a few times and very well looked after.  No. 212 of 300 that were to be made – 150 of size 2/3 and 150 of size 4/5.  Made out of D16T aircraft aluminium so it is very light, only 72.7g. A silky smooth click-drag brake system that allows you to fish with the most delicate of tippets and also has a neutral bias so you can fish right of left hand retrieve with equal performance. Exposed spool rim for easy palming. Medium sized arbor for a quicker retrieve. Presented in a beautiful hand-made leather case with black felt lining.

From the Imago website:

A unique reel in limited edition.

Together with the world-renowned fly reel designer Alex Kaplun, we have developed G A I A, named after Mother Earth in the Greek Mythology. It is a fitting name that reflects the distinctive design, which draws inspiration from the very history of flyfishing. The execution carries a craftsman’s precision in details – embodied in the fine-tuned klick-drag break that allows you to fish with the finest of tippets and at the same time master the largest of fishes.

This is truly a unique fly reel and has already become a collector’s item by customers that recognise its inherent values. G A I A is through its fantastic craftsmanship, limited edition and timeless design – a fly reel to pass on for the next generation fly fishers. This beautiful reel embodies the philosophy of IMAGO; Quality, Feeling & Design.


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