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This is one rod from a large collection of coarse fishing tackle that I have just acquired. The previous owner had been collecting only the finest items and certainly had an eye for quality and always purchased the best of the best, including some of the rarest B James, Hardy and Oliver’s carp and Avon rods, with some of the most sought after reels including Chris Lythe, Paul Witcher, Richard Carter and Allcocks centre-pins

In superb original condition as I doubt it has been used more than a few times. Whipped in black silk whippings tipped with red, alloy rings with agate tip ring, the cane is a beautiful dark honey colour, with original Hardy bag and rod stopper which are also in excellent condition. A must for any lover of the Mk IVs and Avon’s etc or collector of Hardy tackle.

I have fished the Richard Walker Avon a couple of times, and preferred it to my B James Mk IV. It feels a little less ‘stick-like’. The ultimate classic carp/Avon rod, made by the ultimate maker. Hardy’s only made this rod for one year (1957) so they are very rare. Built by Hardy’s during a period when Walker was a consultant to them. Beautifully finished, as you would expect from Hardy’s.

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