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In mint condition as I doubt it has been used more than a few times and stored correctly and complete with its original leather and alloy protective tubes.

The rod is 7′ long, completely straight with no sets or warps, German nickel silver truncated ferrules with honey silk wraps, olive wood reel seat with nickel silver fittings, hayfork tip ring and snake rings throughout, swollen butt section and beautiful crisp action. Whether you are buying this rod to use, collect or just as an investment it will be a pleasure to hold and to own!

Tom Moran, died aged 66 and created exquisitely-fashioned split-cane fishing rods, and was regarded as a master of his craft.

While many fly-fishermen today favour rods made from graphite or fibreglass, the heavier, traditional split-cane models offer a slower, more relaxing action; they also have an aesthetic quality that the more modern rods cannot match.

Moran’s bamboo rods were constructed by the delicate process of sealing together strips of cane under heat and pressure to form a single taper. Varying from 6½ft to 8ft in length, they were for trout fishing, particularly on small streams and brooks.

He came to his craft by accident, and was entirely self-taught. He had enjoyed coarse fishing as a boy, but had never cast a fly; and until adulthood he had no idea that he was gifted with his hands.


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