SAGE TCR 10150-4 GRAPHITE IIIe B 16′ #10 11 1/8oz – 3 PIECE SALMON FLY ROD

£425.00 £375.00



In very good condition.

The Sage 10151-4 TCR Spey for when big waters call for big rods! If big salmon and big rivers are your game then this is your spey rod. The TCR Spey rods are designed to handle the distance, the wind, and those big flies. You will not find a better shooting head two-handed rod than the Sage 10151-4 TCR spey rod.

A fully machined up-locking reel seat has replaced the lightweight aluminum hood and cork spacer of the 9140-3. The fit of reel to rod is more secure on the TCR as a consequence. The two stripping guides are smaller and of higher quality, and the color of the rod—chili pepper—is an arresting departure from the Sage brown of old.

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