In very good condition and in full working order with few light marks here and there from normal use.

The Diaflash has been designed to provide a fast tip action, with a sensitive tip to pick up on the most delicate bites when using light lures. The short transport length and protective hard case make this rod the ultimate tool for the travelling angler. The natural Power Cork grip absorbs a minimal amount of moisture and therefore ages slowly.

HPC High-Pressure Carbon:
Shimano High-Pressure Carbon is a process which creates stronger, more responsive blanks. Pressure is applied to the blank surface during curing (heating) which evenly distributes the resin through the carbon fibre matrix. The result is a much stronger, more consistent performance and improved responsive.

Adding Biofibre reinforces the carbon fibres in all directions. This gives outstanding strength, shock resistance, lightness and power.

Fuji Alconite:
A strong and durable material, Alconite is the latest in a long line of ceramic rings developed by Fuji. Alconite is so durable that it can be made thinner than any other ring and is strong enough to handle the most demanding fishing styles.

Fuji reel seat:
Built to last, Fuji reel seats are designed with graphite nylon bodies, exclusive S-4 stainless steel hoods, with lined cushioned inserts to offer a lightweight reel seat with superior strength. Uniform design for increased comfort, and with self-aligned hoods that provide a solid lockdown on your reel foot which will never back off while fishing.

TAFTECs Tough Construction Power Carbon formula utilizes pre-stretched T-3500 yarn fibres with low resin saturation, ensuring the original structure remains intact even when ground. The result is a spineless construction which our tests have shown to be a massive 250 per cent stronger – plus lower in weight, faster in action and more sensitive.

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