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In near mint condition as I doubt it has been used more than a few times and complete with original rod sock and tube.

Tenkara Hamon Rod – 13ft. The Hamon is our big river, bigger fish rod or indeed on any river where you can use a 13ft long rod.

Fishing applications
Good for all round abilities fishing on medium to large rivers, especially if there is a chance of a larger than ‘normal’ sized Trout or Grayling. The 7:3 action is crisp and precise for such a long rod. The length of the rod makes it ideal for ‘western’ style fishing applications such as, Duo/Trio-ing, Czech nymphing as well as more traditional ‘Tenkara’ methods

Leader recommendations
Level Line or Furled Leader approximately the length of rod or longer to suit the river or technique being fished.


  • Length 13ft (396cms)
  • Closed length 23.5ins (60cms)
  • Weight 107gms
  • Sections 9
  • Colour matt black
  • Handle 10ins (25.4cms)

Tenkara Centre UK Hamon Rod


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