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Van Staal VSB Series Surf Spinning Reel

The Van Staal VSB Series Spinning Reels are the answer to many surf casters around the world looking for the most reliable reel on the market. They are the first Van Staal reels to feature a Titanium Bail System. For the Ultimate Durability, Van Staal designed these reels WITHOUT A BAIL SPRING. The Bail must be closed manually because there is no Bail Spring!  We know serious anglers fish hard and titanium is the only choice for the bail wire material to hold up to Van Staal Standards. The large capacity spools are designed for use with either braid or mono. The longer handle and machined power knob help to maximize the cranking power and strength. 
Van Staal VSB Series Spinning Reels also have an over-sized anti-reverse clutch bearing that can handle the rigours of fishing with spectra fishing line. The VSB reels are machined out of aircraft grade 6061-T6511 aluminium. The massive stainless steel gears and titanium-nitride shafts provide the best cranking power. The Van Staal VSB Rotor, Spool and Body have unique slots cut into them. This allows all the elements from saltwater fishing to be flushed out while the body of the reel is sealed watertight to keep sand, salt and corrosion out. These reels are designed for use in real beach conditions as well as offshore for Big-Game Fishing.

The Largest Main Gear In The Industry

Wading into the surf or pulling on a giant fish, the challenges can be relentless. Your equipment must be equal to it.

For experienced anglers, the challenge is not always finding and hooking big fish, it’s landing them. That’s why Van Staal VS Spinning Reels are designed with a main gear that actually helps you fight – and land – big fish.

Made from hardened stainless steel, the main gear will never slip or strip under pressure. The Van Staal main gear is also oversized to provide more fish-fighting torque per crank of the handle, meaning you control the fight, not the fish.