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In superb condition as I doubt it has been used more than once or twice, it is in full working order and complete with original box and instruction.

The Shimano Super GT was an iconic Shimano reel and was much loved by anglers in all disciplines. The brand knew it was in for a hard job when it came to remodel the original but the Shimano design team has done a fantastic job of maintaining all the features that were best loved on the original whilst also modernising the reel. This Shimano GT reel really is an updated version of that classic and it has been completely revamped to include some fantastic new features. Perfect for a range of angling styles across the disciplines, including lure fishing for predators and all types of float and feeder coarse fishing, this is a good all-round spinning reel for the angler who likes to experiment with different styles.

Constructed from Shimano’s lightweight, highly durable, robust XT-7 reel material – the go-to material for all Shimano mid-range reels – the Super GT RD is a surprisingly powerful reel, especially considering its light body and sleek aesthetics. This reel has been designed using Shimano’s aero dynamics concept and you’ll notice elements throughout the reel which show that this reel has been manufactured with casting in mind. The first of these elements is the AR-C spool. This is a unique spool design that comes complete with an angled spool lip, which has been proven to reduce friction on the cast. This allows you to hit far out into the horizon when you need to, enabling you to tackle far-out features and the far-side margin in order to make the most of any swim you find yourself in. This superior-quality casting system is supported by Aero Wrap II. Aero Wrap II is an advanced worm gear oscillation system that has been designed to ensure perfect oscillation speeds, resulting in perfect line lay. This means that your line is presented on the spool perfectly, allowing for maximum casting performance. Line lay can really make all the difference when you’re punching out to impressive distances and the flawless line lay that this reel offers ensures that you can gain those precious few inches onto your maximum cast.

The gearing on the Super GT RD has been constructed from diecast zinc. Zinc is a hardwearing performance metal with properties which are not dissimilar from magnesium and it is used in this reel in order to ensure that you experience a flawless gear mesh with each handle rotation.

The Shimano Super GT RD 4000. This ensures that you can enjoy an impressive retrieval rate, which is an essential element of distance fishing. The Super GT RD is also fitted with three stainless steel ball bearings, as well as one roller bearing, to ensure that this reel is the ultimate smooth operator. The aluminium handle has been single machined to ensure it can hold-up to maximum power when required, enabling you to take on the large and hard fighting species of predatory and coarse fish.