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In very good condition as it has only been lightly used on a few occasions and very well looked after.


The Aventus rods have been designed by the Guru team and produced by Daiwa. The facilities at Daiwa are highly advanced, with years of expertise, knowledge and a team of staff that have unbelievable levels or skill and experience when it comes to each and every process of rod design as well as the technology used and production processes. Despite the fact Daiwa produces the Aventus rods, they are a totally unique design with a complete new blank designed by the Guru team.

One unique and key asset to the Aventus project is Zero 90 Carbon Technology, which is a process that involves double layering carbon fibres in different ways from zero to 90 degrees. This gives the rods combined longitudinal strength, recovery and crispness when cured. Any rods tubular shape is deformed when compressed, but Zero 90 technology enables the control of this deformation, which overall prevents any energy and accuracy loss and therefore retains the cylindrical structure allowing more casting power and precision.

The Aventus rod range has been made using only the very best materials available, guaranteeing the absolute best rods available. The range covers all aspects of angling whether it be distance fishing to delicate angling with light lines; there is something in the Aventus range for you.

10ft Feeder Rods

These rods are perfect for all kinds of feeder fishing whenever it comes to a delicate style of fishing for skimmer or fishing with a method for carp. The rods are soft enough to fish with the lightest and most thinnest of lines, yet still retain the power to land even big carp. Both rods supplied with 3 Fibreglass tips to deliver much better results in combination with the blanks used.


Carbon – HVF High Volume Carbon Fibre

Joints – All Spigot joints with V-Joint technology

Guides – Fuji BCKWAG with Alconite Ringing (Fuji Guides with new frosted dark grey frames)

Reel seat – Fuji DOS

Handle – Exclusive Guru EVA Rear Grip with A Grade Armlock cork handle with Cork/EVA Downlocking fore grip


10ft Feeder – Sections: 2 – Recommended line: 3lb-10lb – Casting Weight: 60g – Tips: 1.00oz, 1.50oz & 2.00oz (Fibreglass)